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【Product Specifications】

The diameter is 30 cm before being inflated and 24 cm after being inflated. The image file is about 20 cm.

Minimum print volume: 500 pcs → unit price 48/pc

2000 or more → unit price 40/piece

10,000 or more → unit price 32/piece

Delivery time is 10 working days after the completion of the draft

Please upload pictures +LINE:0982779903


1. It can be inflated directly by mouth, saving time and effort
2. Can be stored permanently
3. Gravure printing, the color will always remain bright, no fading, no fading, no concerns about lead poisoning ✩
4. This product is valid for more than 10 years before it is inflated
5. MIT Quality Assurance

ps. For proofing $1200/piece

30cm customized aluminum foil balloon

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