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Proposal/confession DIY delivery plan B

Proposal/confession DIY delivery plan B


*This product is semi-DIY (you need to place it after delivery to the home). Shipping costs are included. If you need someone to go to the home to decorate, you will be charged 600-1000.

The content contains:
1. The ceiling floats in the air x60 (skin color. Light pink. Rose gold. Pearl powder. White)
2.16 inch letters (silver) MARRY ME

3.40 inch letters (silver) LOVE
4. Bubble ball string X1 (the model shows random shipment)

5. Floor love x99

6. Textured three-dimensional metal ball string x1 (models show random shipment)

7. 18-inch heart on bed (red) X2 (air)

In addition, the proposal bouquet can be purchased in addition, please refer to the air balloon: the floating time is about 6-8
PS. Please inform that it will take 3-6 hours for the shipment preparation to place an order (our 24H flexible business and flexible reservation system, but please contact us before 12 o'clock in the evening of the same day for confirmation)
1. Name

2. Phone
3. Recipient address
4. Pickup time (it is recommended that the pickup balloon is in the best state 1-2 hours before the start of the event)

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