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*This product is semi-DIY (you need to place it yourself after delivery)

Shipping included

If someone needs to go to the house to arrange, 600-1000 fees will be charged

1. Ceiling ball x 20 balls
2. Bed luminous bobo balls x 12 (10-12 hours of timeliness)
3. Led candles x 36 (candles are rented, a deposit of 2500 is required, the deposit will be refunded within 3 days, and 200 will be deducted one day after the due date)
4. Petals x 300 pieces
5.MARRY ME letter balloon x 1 set
6. Luminous confession balloon x 4 strings

7. Little Love X50

PS. Please +LINE (0982779903) to place an order to inform that the fastest shipment will take 4-6 hours (our 24H flexible business but please confirm 3-5 days in advance)

1. Contact number
2. Delivery address
3. Receiving time
4. Activity start time
#Valentine's day decoration

Romantic arrangement package

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